Backyard Playhouse Makeover_1

Before and After Playhouse Makeover

Did I ever share with you the final product of my DIY backyard playhouse makeover? I’m not sure I did. But, you guys, this thing is the capstone of my #SAHM-ness thus far. You know, besides my smart and beautiful kids 😂.

Throwback Thursday_1

Throwback Thursday: The Beginning

This was the very first ad I created for my blog two years ago.

In the beginning, I had structured the blog on reasons to get out of the house. Because inside the house, baby Wyatt would cry anytime I would try to finish ANYTHING if I wasn’t holding him.

Yep, even laundry. One time, I tried making eggs for myself with him in the Ergo and he bumped the burner up with his foot and almost caught us on fire. 😂  The JOYS of motherhood!

I can’t make this stuff up.