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Why did no one ever warn me?

Real talk:Why did no one ever warn me about the summer after your oldest goes off to school for the first time?? It’s not like being a SAHM of two again. Because the dynamic of each child’s personal freedom has changed. And it’s driving me crazy.

ROIDMI F8 Storm Review

Roidmi F8 Storm Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Landed a vacuum collab, officially made it as a mommy blogger!! Level. Up. 😆 I even went all out with peep-toes and a dress to celebrate my new maximum mommy blogger status. LOL.No, but jokes aside we were #gifted this sleek new cordless vacuum called the ROIDMI F8 Storm. It’s super lightweight, has good suction and I really dig all the handy accessories it comes with. You can clip in different types of rollers depending on your surface. It’s also versatile and changes shape for my house or the car.

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The Kiddo Guide to the California Mid-State Fair

You’ve arrived at the California Mid-State Fair with kiddos in tow. You’ve probably memorized your hands-down favorite fair eats or where to nab the cheapest beer, but do you know the best spot to wash your toddler’s sticky hands? Or, where to grab some free drinking water? Well, you’re in luck, my friends, because I have all the 411 for navigating the Mid-State Fair with kids.