Nature trail with big tree

Alderbrook Golf Club + the Hood Canal

It’s been eight weeks since we moved to Washington. And while we are househunting, we are livin’ it up in a  family cabin on a golf course along the Hood Canal.

If you ever travel to the Pacific Northwest, make sure to put the Alderbrook Golf Club and the Hood Canal on your bucket list. 

Railroad car - House

Not Goodbye, Just See You Soon // Our Move to Washington

If you haven’t heard … we’re selling our house in Paso and moving to the Seattle area this summer!

Say whaaaaat? It’s crazy, I know. And I’m equal parts sad and excited for it. But, moving during a pandemic? Not fun. It makes things like saying goodbye and visiting our favorite kid-places “one last time” super complicated. So I’m sayin’ to the heck with all that and already making plans for a mom-cation here when this is all over.