Adventure Walk: Rolling Hills Road, Paso Robles

It’s raining today, but for when it clears up … here’s an easy outing for those of you looking to get out of the house: adventure walks! That’s where we go on a walk and take a basket to collect treasures we find on the ground. Sometimes I like to get in the car and find another neighborhood to walk in besides our own, because our neighborhood route gets old. One walk that we particularly like is the sidewalk along Rolling Hills Road.

PASO Magazine December 2017 edition

Big Announcement!!

I’m excited to announce that Two In Tow & On The Go is now featured monthly in PASO Magazine as a column!! You can now look for reviews on kid classes, parks and other adventures from us in the magazine’s print and online editions.

Unicorn Photo Shoot

Last fall, I made a little money writing for the newspaper and did what any sane mother would do. I blew it all on a photo shoot where my daughter got to pose with a unicorn. That’s right, a unicorn. Who needs groceries, anyway?

Avila Valley Barn Baby Goats

Baby Goats at Avila Valley Barn, San Luis Obispo

Avila Valley Barn is a magical place where children are entertained by adorable farm animals and tractor rides – and there’s even homemade pie for you. But I’ll do a whole Avila Barn post later. For right now, you’ve got to get your butts over there to see the baby goats. Like, itsy bitsy teeny tiny newborn ones. And they’re reeeally adorable.