About Us

Welcome to Two in Tow & On The Go, a blog where you’ll find pictures, tips and stories about things to do with kids on California’s Central Coast. When we’re not on the go, we love to collaborate with local and national companies for product and toy reviews, many of which are prominently featured on our Instagram Page.

I’m excited to announce that our blog is also featured monthly as a print column in PASO Magazine and its sister publication, COLONY Magazine.  There, you’ll find new content featuring reviews on kid classes, parks and other adventures from us.

I started this blog because sometimes you just have to get out of the house.

The days when you’re a short order cook/milk factory/nonstop cleaner-upper/sibling referee. The days when you have to brush your teeth in the kitchen because the small children stick their hands in the toilet every chance they get. The days when you just can’t even. So I mad grab for little person shoes and socks and snacks and waters and diapers and click the kids in their car seats and GO. And we go lots of places. Some successfully, some not. And yeah, it’ll probably suck getting there. The baby might cry for most of the car ride (mine does). You’ll have to listen to the same 16 kid songs on repeat. Your toddler will whine for the snack you don’t have or can’t reach or is the one thing you brought for yourself.


Two kids jumping in rain puddles
Puddle Splashing

But you’re going somewhere. You’re trying. You’re the making memories. There’s laughter and sweet pudgy hands holding yours and you feel all the parenting feels.

So my idea with this blog is to show you our adventures – but also tell it like it is. I’ll share the good, the bad, and the just plain crazy on those no-nap days.

I’ll post pictures and all the applicable details so you have what you need to try the adventure, too. Overall, I’ll show you that the struggle to raise kids is real for all of us, but there’s still a ton of fun out there.

Adventure awaits!