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Before The Blog

I celebrated my 40th birthday this weekend (1982, represent! 🙌 ), and it’s got me all reflective-y. This blog began in lovely San Luis Obispo County California, the place we called home before moving to Washington in 2020. 

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We Bought a House!

Escrow closed on our new Gig Harbor property yesterday and we’re officially homeowners again!!

It took four months of looking in person, 11 months of looking online 🤪 and dozens of blue shoe bootie/mask-covered Covid showings to find this home — but we did it! Thank you for sharing in all of it with us 🏡.

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New Year, Same Me.

It’s 2021. And things are a little different around here. But I’m still me.

What you usually get on this blog are stories about places to take kids. Except now with the pandemic social shutdown and our big move to Washington, you’ll see more of our endless search for a house, a remodel, cabin life, and all the ways this California girl is settling into the Evergreen State.

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Creating Something

Outwardly, Two In Tow & On The Go exists to talk about the many places I take the kids.

While that’s still true, after spending a considerable amount of time as the person writing this blog, here’s a brief look at what it means to me.