It’s The Journey, Not The Destination

It’s about the journey, not the destination.

As a goal-oriented person, I have to remind myself of this all. the. time.

Even in motherhood, I have to check-in with my inner voice saying go go go and remember to revel in the little moments in between.

Little moments like Wyatt’s warm hands holding mine, the way Clara’s baby cheeks feel when I’m laying a big ‘ol smooch on her and the joy of sun on my face. 

This is a short post just to help us remember to take in those moments today.

About Tonya Strickland

Tonya Strickland is a journalist and Instagram influencer in the family and travel niche. A former newspaper reporter, Tonya shares unfiltered #momlife content about places to go with kids. Her family moved from California's Central Coast to Washington state in August 2020. Their adventures now continue in the Pacific Northwest.

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