That Time I Was Glad We Didn’t Rush Home

tree canopyStorytime!

The other day when we were leaving the beach, the kids didn’t want to get in the car. I was like, “ok whatever, run around the grass” while I put the snacks and towels and shovels away.⁣

I always had my eye on them but of course they thought they were being sneaky when they went to hide behind a tree. I was like “oh guys, we’re leaving! I’m waaaaiting!” ⁣
⁣Silence. Those stinkers were still hiding.⁣



Potlatch State Park, Shelton Washington

Potlatch is an 84-acre park with camping and water access, also along the Hood Canal. I think it’s a little more scenic than Twahna because of the fallen logs and visible tree-capped hillsides. It also has … buried treasure! Read on to see what we found 🙂

Nature trail with big tree

Alderbrook Golf Club & The Hood Canal, Union Washington

It’s been eight weeks since we moved to Washington. And while we are househunting, we are livin’ it up in a  family cabin on a golf course along the Hood Canal.

If you ever travel to the Pacific Northwest, make sure to put the Alderbrook Golf Club and the Hood Canal on your bucket list.