Packing up our Paso House!

Furniture - moving boxes

We are moving in 5 days and I’m all about the happy-sad over here. ⁣

The kids’ pics are off their bedroom walls, their first big kid beds are sold and Bowen and I are currently sleeping on a mattress on the floor 😆.⁣



I can’t believe we’re almost officially on the road to Washington this week! Thank you for all the sweet notes and well wishes. Saying goodbye is super hard 🧡.

But on to some fun things …
Here’s what everyone wants in a new house:⁣⁣
Clara: grass and stairs 🤣⁣⁣
Wyatt: a backyard triceratops who has a special triceratops door to the bedroom. 🤣⁣⁣
Daddy: a nice backyard and an office with a lock lol⁣⁣
Me: high ceilings, an actual pantry, and a big nice white kitchen that two people can walk in at the same time without bumping into each other 🤪. ⁣⁣

… A girl can dream, right?

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Tonya Strickland is a journalist and Instagram influencer in the family and travel niche. A former newspaper reporter, Tonya shares unfiltered #momlife content about places to go with kids. Her family moved from California's Central Coast to Washington state in August 2020. Their adventures now continue in the Pacific Northwest.

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