Dinosaur Caves Park, Shell Beach


Dinosaur Caves ParkDinosaur Caves Park is a must on your next visit to South County. This bluff-top park boasts expansive views of the ocean, has a great sea breeze and the entire playground was replaced with new stuff last year. It’s located in the Shell Beach (within the city of Pismo Beach).

Dinosaur Caves ParkThis park was under construction in early 2019 and opened in the spring. There are a ton of innovative features like a double swing, bowl-shaped merry-go-round and a double-level globe spinner!




We’re also happy to report that the park’s original play-climbers shaped like eggs, seals and boat are all still there! 🤗.

Dinosaur Caves Park

This park is located at the corner of Cliff Street and Shell Beach Road In Shell Beach, California, adjacent to Hwy 101.

Here’s some official info about it.

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