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EarthKind Ant Repellant Review with baking pies setupI only have pies for youuuu.

As in, for the people in my life. No ants. Ya hear?! Because ants are never going to be on my guest list. Ever.

My lifelong disdain for those six-legged little buggers is no secret. What other creature has the power to make you itch for an hour just at the sight of them!?

So when a gal from the all-natural pest prevention company EarthKind reached out for a review, I was like – yes ma’am, 100 percent.

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EarthKind Stay Away Repellant all four products for spiders, mother, ants and mice stacked

First off, a little research: Many of the pest control products in today’s market are a spray, a bait, a poison – all intended to kill ants, spiders, mice, moths, etc.

EarthKind, however, is a little different.


Company Founder and CEO Kari Warberg Block developed her pest control line to keep critters OUT instead of just killing them once they’re in. And she did it in a non-toxic way. EarthKind products are made of plant fiber and botanical extracts that emit a smell designed to repel pests. But why would you want something stinky in your house? Luckily,  the smells come from botanicals, so they don’t repel humans, too. Unless, perhaps, they could find one for solicitors who ring the doorbell at naptime? A girl can dream!

EarthKind Stay Away Repellant botanical oil pouchStay Away uses a pouch method: a little bag of filler treated in the botanical oils with specifically- selected scents to keep different types of critters away, depending on the box. My sample included pouches for mice, spiders, moths, and, yes, those dreaded ant creatures.

Each box comes with suggestions printed on the side on where to stash the pouches –  such as kitchens, drawers, attics, and cupboards.

Here’s a closer look:

EarthKind recommends using the Pouch Pod, a separate little container to hold the pouches. Made of flax and other plant fibers, EarthKind says the pod “preserves the essential oil for up to 3x longer, prevent curious children and pets from tampering with the pouch, and protects finished wooden surfaces and clothing that may be affected by essential oils.” 

The pod also comes with an optional hook so you can hang it! Here’s what it looks like:


EarthKind Stay Away Spider Repellant next to bedSo far, I’ve only used the ant repellant (the other critters aren’t an issue at our house). I placed the pouch in spots where I’ve seen ants before (as recommended).

Which, for me, is in the kitchen and the living room.

Effectiveness: I haven’t seen any ants invade our space yet!

But that could just be a coincidence. So I’ll update this post when we do have an ant invasion and how well the pouches worked to repel them away. I’m actually really excited to test that out. #nerdalert.

Smells: On the smell factor: I don’t like smells, but the EarthKind smells don’t travel all that much. The pod also helped keep the smells at bay.

Kids: I didn’t need to worry about the kids touching the pod/pouch since the pouch isn’t poisonous like ant bait is. This would also make for excellent peace of mind for house pets, too. EarthKind lists all the safety 411 here.

Other: I also intend to set out a spider pouch in our bedroom since I’m a total dork and consistently check under our covers for spiders before I go to bed each winter. #sorrynotsorry! A creepy crawler stowaway under the sheets has been known to happen!

EarthKind Stay Away Repellant sat next to trash cansI was also thinking of setting the ant pouches out by our trash bins, because those are often crowded with those little troublemakers. But according to EarthKind’s FAQ, the Stay Away pouches are “designed for indoor use and enclosed spaces. The product may still work in outdoor spaces, but will not last as long or be as effective in areas with a high rate of air exchange. If the product gets wet, its effectiveness may diminish”.

But I might do it anyway just to see. I’m a rebel like that.



EarthKind product manufacturing has a 2% carbon footprint certified by the USDA Bio-Preferred Program, which measures cradle-to-grave inputs and outputs, from farm to customer trash. It’s also independently reviewed and certified by Federal and State EPA to ensure it meets safety and efficacy standards. In fact, EarthKind is the first and only company to have its products meet EPA standards for safety and effectiveness in the home, according to a press release.

Overall, I like that this company seems knowledgable on the facts about pests, and took the time to find a non-toxic, family-friendly alternative in the pest control market. The  EarthKind website has a whole Knowledge Base section with FAQ.

Aromatic scent text on boxIt’s in that section where the 411 is on how to get rid of and prevent ants is listed. I appreciated that there are instructions for two real-life scenarios:

For current ant infestations

Place 1 pouch per 25 sq ft in areas where you have seen ants. Replace after 30 days or when scent diminishes. 

For ant prevention 

Place 1 pouch per 125 sq ft. Replace every 30 days or when scent diminishes. 


Stay Away products and the Pouch Pod are available at select Lowe’s, ACE and Whole Food stores, and online at and


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