Review: Toy Tool Workshop Work Bench Set from PicassoTiles

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Clara and Wyatt had some fun with this PTT304 Toy Tool Workshop Work Bench Set fromPicassoTiles. But also experienced a few frustrations.

We got this toy for free in exchange for our review. But all opinions are my own. For more information on these types of collabs, see my blog disclosure. This post also contains an affiliate link to my Amazon Influencer Program Shop Page. This means I earn money from qualifying purchases when readers shop products I review via my Amazon page.

The Review


Overall, we really wanted to like this toy, but in my honest toy review opinion, there’s room for improvement on the stability and storage capabilities of the workbench. And I’d also raise the recommended age from 3+ to 5+.

⚙The kids liked putting the blocky plastic nuts and bolts into the holes on the workbench and securing them with their cute little hands. That was fun to watch and it really played up the toy’s design intention to develop fine motor and problem-solving skills.
⚙The 46-piece plastic set comes with a lot: working bench vice, hand saw, hammer, wrench, (and more).
⚙There were enough pieces for both children to share.

⚙ The workbench is made of a pretty thin plastic and was wobbly.
⚙ There’s not enough deep bucket type storage in the workbench to stash the tools, just flat surfaces and hanging spots … which might work for older kids but not 2 and 4 year olds (the age rec is 3+). So the tools just ended up all over the house.
⚙ The box touts that the workbench can also transition to a suitcase for storage but it does this complicated flipping thing that could be made easier.


My kids are little, and they still run with toys and use them to bug each other. So really any “tools toy” is kind of a pain in my house. Kids will be kids, I guess 😂. So if you have older littles, or maybe just one child who isn’t prone to prodding his older sister (😇), check this out for $30 on our Amazon Influencer Shop Page (affiliate link).

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  1. I just watched the photos and read the article with my 5 years-old daughter and 3 years-old son and they would like to have it. Nickolas laugh at the part of “use them to bug each other”… hmmm Camila was not sure after that if i should buy it… Any other toy for girl and a boy to play together? (safe and sound 😉 Thanks for replying

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