Young Explorers Indoor Outdoor Discover Playhouse by Simplay3

Kindergarten - RecreationOne of the big reasons we moved from California to Washington is so we could get the kids closer to their little cousins who live in the Tacoma suburb of University Place. The kids are all so close in age, so it makes for some good playtime. And now that we’ve moved, summertime is all about backyard tag, lunch on the grass, and all the cousin fun.⁣

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This is why @thesimplay3company asked us to test out its brand new Young Explorers Indoor-Outdoor Discover Playhouse, which hits stores later this month.

Bangs - Hair coloringThis set is designed for kiddos ages 1 ½ to 6 years old, and we had four kiddos on it in that range. From the mouths of babes, here are their faves:⁣⁣
➜ Clara, age 6: She said the cupholders were neat because they held her cans of fizzy water at lunchtime. She also discovered that they prop up a tablet pretty well, too, because hey let’s be real here :).⁣
➜ Booker, age 6: He said he liked the pretend stovetop (he makes one mean Happy Meal).⁣
➜ Wyatt, age 4: Darting in and out of the crawl space was cool during their game of hide-and-seek-tag was his fave.⁣
➜ Guthrie, age 3: The roof!! Because hanging off the roof like the cute little monkey he is, is the only way to be.⁣

Also … Pro Tip via Bowen: An electric drill cuts the installation time in half.⁣

There’s also an easel + marker tray on one side of the playhouse that I didn’t even realize was there, so we still have that to explore. ⁣

So, there you have it – lots to do and see with this playhouse. Also in this series are two more sets called the Activity Climber and Adventure Climber, and all three sets connect.

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