Before and After Playhouse Makeover

Did I ever share with you the final product of my DIY backyard playhouse makeover? I’m not sure I did. But, you guys, this thing is the capstone of my #SAHM-ness thus far. You know, besides my smart and beautiful kids 😂.

The story behind this playhouse is it’s one of the first things I bought when I left my job to be a stay at home mom. I bought it for something crazy like $30 from another mom on buy/sell/trade. It was supposed to be my super cute Pinterest project to work on “when I had time” while I was at home with the kids. Cue the laughter.

Because fast forward to having a newborn and a 2 year old and literally almost NO time to bathe much less get anything remotely “projecty” done.

And as time went on, my kids are 1 an 3 and 2 and 4. By then, I was so seriously ready to scrap the whole thing when a good (and wise) friend encouraged me to just try to do a little bit at a time, even with the kids outside with me. Which, like so many things in life, is super hard to accept. When I start on a project I just want to FINISH the dang thing. And I want it perfect, too. But life isn’t like that.

Soooo, from first buying this in 2015 to seriously almost three years later — that’s how long it actually took me to DIY the crap out of this house.

I added a new mailbox, fixed the broken parts, power washed it, primed it, painted it, painted the roof, awkwardly squatted inside the house to paint the interior, added a toy basket, and my mom even sewed handmaid curtains for it.

And the whole thing basically went down like this:
Paint some, change a diaper; Paint some, stop the dog from eating the kids’ snacks;
Paint some, breakup a sibling fight;
Paint some, fix an ouchie.
Basically aaaaall the 🙄. So so so many times I had to stop and take a break to attend to the tiny humans.
But I just I love the way it turned out in the end.

The moral of the story: Stick with it. Even with no end in sight. Even with it all working against you. Even if the kids promptly color all over it with chalk like mine did. 😉.

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Tonya Strickland is an award-winning journalist and former government reporter for the SLO Tribune. Since then, her writing has been published with SLOCAL, TravelPaso and Trivago. Some of her blog posts are also featured in Paso and Colony Magazines as a monthly print column. Make sure to check out Clara and Wyatt's many local adventures at @two.n.tow on Instagram.

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