Coloring Your Way to Better English by Larry W. Hilliard

Room -Continuing my authors of color series, today we’re taking a look at the coloring book  “Coloring Your Way to Better English” by Larry W. Hilliard.

In this project, Hilliard works to help teach your littles about grammar in a creative way.


My children’s book reviews are a side passion project to help show my support of authors of color, female authors and independent authors. As a writer, I know how much work, love and integrity goes into each of these projects – big or small. It’s important to me to help show the world that, too. These books are usually #gifted to me to review, but all opinions are my own. [disclosure]


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Larry W. Hilliard is retired after serving in the military for 26 years. Hilliard earned a bachelor’s degree from Northern Arizona University–Yavapai. He currently resides in Prescott, Ariz., and attends classes at Yavapai Community College. His book is self-published through iUniverse and uses Getty Images for the illustrations.





Happy kids on the cover of a coloring book▶ Parents and teachers can use this coloring book as an activity-based way to introduce the more complicated aspects of grammar such as identifying nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.

▶ Clara and Wyatt learned more about nouns and verbs through this book, which is a topic I hadn’t really explained to them before.

▶ The cover is bright and the kids on the front look happy and excited to learn.

▶ I appreciate the author’s inspo to make this book. In a statement, Hillard said: “This is your time as a parent to sit with your kid and monitor and mentor and guide,” Hilliard said. “This book helps caregivers and educators to teach children with patience, and most importantly, celebrate the small things.”


▶ It might just be me, but the title “Coloring Your Way to Better English” reminds me of a book designed strictly for English as a Second Language students, and I was surprised it wasn’t. Though the synopsis says it could totally be used for ESL lessons, too.

Inside of a stick figure coloring book▶ I was disappointed the illustration style from the front cover wasn’t carried over to the rest of the pages. Instead, the drawings to color on are a mishmash of different styles (right), which isn’t as cohesive. Some of the illustrations are also quite small for coloring (left).








Synopsis: Whether a child is just starting to learn how to read, is learning English as a second language, or is struggling in school and needs additional guidance, Hilliard’s book provides an outside-the-box technique that, through coloring, allows children to engage more effectively in the learning process and have fun along the way. “Coloring Your Way to Better English” also provides a much-needed tool for caregivers and homeschool teachers who are working with young children, whether in the home or remotely, during the pandemic and who may not have access to the resources they once did, such as the public library system.

Coloring Your Way to Better English”

By Larry W. Hilliard

ISBN: 978-1-5320-8667-0 (sc); ISBN: 978-1-5320-8666-3 (e)

Available through iUniverseBarnes & Noble, and Amazon




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