Shop My Looks

tGirl on a scooter telling people to shop leggings and gear

Do you ever scroll Instagram and think – “Wow, her sunglasses are so cute!” or “OMG I need that rug in my life.” And you wonder where they shopped?  

I got you.

You can now shop my looks on my and Amazon influencer accounts.

LTK is one of the largest and most legit platforms bloggers can use for their readers to shop their looks. Download it from the App Store. My Amazon Influencer Shop offers gift guides for him, her and the kids; has a dedicated list of diverse children’s books and some other fun stuff.

Since I’m on Instagram all the time, I totally shop from these places, too. It’s handy that bloggers can handpick links to exactly what they’re wearing and using. They’ll also list stuff when it’s on super sale, so you never miss out!

When you shop these links, I make a commission. For more information on affiliate links, check out my disclosure.