Hobbit House, Port Orchard

Two kids in coats standing at the entrance of a Hobbit House with round door A transformative middle-earth adventure awaits you at The Brothers Greenhouses in western Washington – and it’s a masterpiece.





boy and girl inside a hobbit house in front of a fireplaceLocated in the back of a locally-owned garden center at 3200 SW Victory Dr. off State Route 3, this Port Orchard Hobbit House is open to visitors during the shop’s regular business hours (see below).

Once you park and walk through the nursery, just wait your turn if there are others taking pics at the house. (We saw the cutest ladies there with elf ears and richly colored yellow and green cloaks!). Don’t worry, there’s no reservation system or tickets – it’s just about being polite to others at this popular spot!

To get in, walk the stone path to the entrance, push open the big round door (no mystery key needed), and escape into the house’s quaintly detailed interior. You’ll find a little stone fireplace,  fireside tools at the hearth, a bristly straw broom, and a water jug to make-believe to your heart’s content.

Circular windows and carved seating areas complete the surprisingly finished interior, which all looks so cozy under the warm light of an electric lamp perched upon a tiny shelf.

boy and girl peeking out a round wooden door

When we visited in November, the kids enjoyed opening and closing the slatted wood door, pretending to take the jug to get water outside to cook dinner, and looking out the windows for visitors.

Since the Hobbit House’s construction in 2014, it has certainly made its mark on the internet as a worldwide travel attraction. News outlets such as the Kitsap Daily News, Fox 13 Seattle, and The Kitsap Sun feature its fun facts and unique side stories. Personally, I found out about it on Instagram! No shock there, lol.

According to an article in Atlas Obscura, The Brothers Greenhouses shop owners “Marilyn Davis and Cheryl Pelkey built the Port Orchard Hobbit House in 2015 on the land behind their plant nursery, a 50-year-old establishment they bought in 1996. (The house) took six months to build, with a strong frame made of a 14-gage culvert steel pipe. They lined the walls with wood and covered the outside with stones and various plants.”

Hobbit House with round doorIn fact, the roof of the house is an actual functioning garden designed to display plants the nursery sells each season.

News articles also say that Marilyn and Cheryl worked at the nursery before buying it. And when they did, they rebranded it as  The Brothers Greenhouses in honor of a distinctive double summit on the Olympic Mountain range called “The Brothers” that one can see along the horizon near the shop.

Now, remember how I said the Hobbit House is in the back of the nursery? That means you walk through a whole lotta CUTE before reaching it, including the most enchanting gift ship stocked to the brim with:

  • ceramic, glazed, and clay pots of all kinds
  • fairy garden accessories, including teensy fairy doors for your yard
  • a miniature train that travels through a tiny tunnel
  • tons and tons and tons of plants
  • windchimes
  • art

When we adventure to local businesses, I always like to at least buy one thing so we bought the snail planter and a hedgehog planter there. And some fairy doors. No ragrets.


It’s free

No reservations needed

The Hobbit House is open to the public year-round during shop hours

Mondays through Saturdays 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Sundays 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.




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