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girls roomWhen we first moved to our new house, I knew the downstairs fireplace was going to be special. It just needed a refresh. I’m happy to report that four panels of @lovevsdesign’s Custom color peel and stick removable wallpaper in the Magnolia Tree print did just the trick!

You guys, I’ve been working with @lovevsdesign since Julyyy – the whole time being SUPER nervous about installing the wallpaper by myself! Not only did they reply to ALL my emails, they helped me measure and talked me through the whole thing. Like, multiple times. 😅. Including two wall-decision changes. They were amazing. Truly.

Besides customer service, what makes them great is their whole order process is customizable. You pick a talented indie designer’s print and then have the freedom to change the palette of colors before checkout to fit your style. Or, in this case, to fit Clara’s style. We went with a pink and purple-blue vibe and was stoked to make it all her own.

In fact, she helped me pick the colors right off on my laptop one night. The original design, titled “Magnolia Tree,” came in green tones.  It featured a “botanical design (with) playfully painted magnolia blossoms and branches laid delicately over a soft green background.”  The names on the original color palette were “fir” for the background, “tidal” on the leaves and “grain” washed across the flowers:

green floral wallpaper

The green was pretty for sure. But Clara has been into purple and blue for her new room. Or, so she claims. Because almost everything she actually picks out is still the peachy pink from her old room – haha. But I knew in her little 7-year-old heart cool tones was what she was after. So we clicked around and played with the website’s color palette options (and there’s soooo many to choose from) to change up the greens to purples and blues to mix in with her pinks. Heck, we even threw in a periwinkle here and there. We’re wild like that. 😉

Here are some combos we came up with:

Unable to decide from the screen, we ordered all three color combos (as encouraged) for our mail order samples. The samples were easy-peasy peel and stick as well. We had no problem taking them on and off the wall.  Procrastinate much? Ours were on the wall for 8 weeks and they still came off great.

kids and samples

Clara’s favorite ended up being the bluest combo on the far right. The colors on that one were “clouds” for the blue and “azalea” for the leaves.  You choose each design element to change the color on each part.

Like this:

Magnolia personalized color pallette

And then the changes show up live in the preview window:

computer screen of wallpaper colors yellow, blue, purple

wallpaper on the floorOnce I finally took off the samples and it was hanging day, it took me some time to get the “hang” of it.  See what I did there? 😉

Hanging these panels basically felt like placing a big heavy sticker on the wall. But once you do one (and stick it and unstick it a few times if your aim placement is off like mine) the other panels are easy to replicate without any drama. And, the company has really nice tutorials online and your order comes with the presser-thingy tool to smooth out the air bubbles.  I’d also recommend buying one extra panel in case you mess up. 🙂

My second recommendation is to have a flat surface to roll out the unhung panels. That way, they don’t get creases in them because they were crumpled over a teddy bear. Or something. Not that I know *anything* about that 😉 .

Now that all that business is settled – are you ready for the before and afters?! Because I love me a good before and after.


For all the deets on our house reno, visit here!



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8 thoughts on “Peel and Stick Wallpaper, Love Vs. Design

  1. Just wondering if the paper you hung is still up and if you’ve had any issues with it peeling off.


  2. I’m going to order from them but I notice their instructions say to overlap each panel 1 inch. I feel like that’s going to leave a raised area where they are overlapped and make it look like trailer house panels. Did you overlap yours or just butt one up against the other?

    1. Hi Sandra. Good question! Thinking back …. I’m not sure I did that. I think I just matched it up on the edges?

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