Seattle & The Seattle Aquarium with Kids

Two children look at airplanes while waiting to board an Alaskan Airlines flight to Seattle.
In February 2017, we ventured to the Pacific Northwest. And since my husband was on this trip, it was glorious just for the simple fact that I was no longer out numbered.

We survived the plane ride and car trips getting to where we needed to go. And by survive, I mean we didn’t go completely bonkers keeping the little children constantly occupied. But as soon as we settled in at the vacation house, it was clear that the baby had a stomach bug 👎🏻  It’s always something right?

Tired af mom tries to entertain baby on a plane with Alaskan Airlines on flight to Seattle

And, oh yeah … babies on a plane got me like 🙄.

Mom of small children stoked on Alaskan Airlines wine selection on their flight to Seattle.
Luckily the ordering of the wine happened right away. Thank you, Alaskan Airlines for this small but very much needed gesture. They totally get me.

Family spends their first day in Seattle playing in the snow for the first time.
The first day we were in Seattle, it snowed. Which is awesome because we’re from California where it never snows. In fact, I’ve probably only seen snow five times in my life. And I’m 34.

Baby boy makes his first snowball on Seattle snow day.
We didn’t have snow gear, so the first thing the baby did was plop right down on his butt, in jeans. Which meant five-minute countdown to a mad, soaked baby. But … so cute until then. #worthit.

Toddler girl makes her first snowball on Seattle snow day.
Our daughter was also super excited for the magical frozen stuff that fell from the sky.

Parents take small children inside after a morning spent playing in the cold snow.
But soon we were all cold and hustled back inside and took a bath. Well, the kids did anyway. Parents don’t get warm baths. Parents get to take off their wet snow clothes in increments while simultaneously chasing around half-naked children.

Family catches stomach flu from the baby on their trip to Seattle.

And then parents get the stomach flu in the middle of the night and life completely sucks while your trip is derailed for two whole days. The baby’s stomach bug hit everyone and we went through every towel in the house. So. Much. Laundry.

Family parks in lot across from the Seattle Aquarium with view of the Great Wheel.
After the joys of that ended, some friends took us to the Seattle Aquarium. We missed our turn and ended up passing the aquarium twice before we could navigate back to it. That meant we also passed the Seattle Great Wheel a number of times. So our 3 year old thought she was seeing a different Ferris wheel each time. As such, she was thrilled that this magical vacation city had so many Ferris wheels. (Mommy!! There’s ANOTHER merry wheel!!)

By the way, she calls Ferris wheels “merry wheels” because mommy may have called them merry-go-rounds on more than one occasion.

Toddler touches sea critters in the colorful Seattle Aquarium touch tanks.
The aquarium was a great spot for the kids and had a fun touch tank.

Baby boy looks at starfish and sea anemone in Seattle Aquarium touch tank.
I appreciated a lot of the features being at little-kid height. Like this peek-a-boo window in the touch tank area. Also, we let the baby out of the Ergo this time so he could run around. And, naturally, he ran in the opposite direction of his sister. Makes it super fun to keep track of them that way.

Baby boy looks at the moon jellies in the Ring of Life exhibit at the Seattle Aquarium.


He took interest in a lot of the things, like the aquarium’s Ring of Life moon jelly exhibit.

The moon jellies glow from the red lights at the Seattle Aquarium's Ring of Life exhibit.

Ohh, pretty colors.

Baby boy gives Giant Pacific Octopus a high-five at the Seattle Aquarium.
And then he gave Mr. Octopus a high-five and I died from the adorableness.

Toddler checks out the viewing tank for penguins and sea critters at the Seattle Aquarium.
Outside, our daughter was checking out the many viewing levels of the penguin tank.

Families view sea life in the Seattle Aquarium's Aqua Dome.
And then we went into this cool dome thing. It’s appropriately called the Aqua Dome.

Toddler poses in front of fish at the Seattle Aquarium's Aqua Dome.
It had nice kid spots to sit and view the fish. Or pose like a rockstar in your matching jacket.

Baby boy enjoys sticking cloth sea creatures to a felt activity wall at the Seattle Aquarium
Back in the main part of the aquarium, the baby got to do some activities such as this sea creature felt wall.

Baby boy jokes around with mom taking picture of him at the Seattle Aquarium's felt wall
I tried to get some smiling activity pictures but of course the baby was like “NOPE, imma be a stinker instead” 😜.

Family visiting Seattle explores the Miners Landing food court.
After the aquarium, we decided to grab some lunch. I guess we’re all terrible people because after seeing those pretty sea creatures all morning we were craving seafood. Luckily, there are food options within walking distance of the aquarium. And since it was raining and windy, we welcomed any place indoors. We picked Miners Landing, conveniently located directly next to the aquarium.

It was fun and funky and had a place that served broccoli so the baby was happy (we chose to dine at The Crab Pot). This is the baby’s happy face. Just kidding. He looks totally goofy here. I cut his bangs shortly after this trip.

After we ate, our friends surprised us with a carousel ride inside Miner’s Landing! Bring some cash because rides are $4 each. You can view the ride’s operation hours here.

Children ride the vintage indoor carousel at Miner's Landing in Seattle.
Our daughter was excited and quickly picked the coolest carousel pony she could find. But the baby? Well, this is his wtf face. 😂

Summary slide of Two In Tow's Seattle adventure, including advice that drinking wine on the plane is a must while entertaining small children.
The next day, it was time to come home. We couldn’t do all the fun things we had planned due to catching the death plague. But all in all, the trip had some solid family-friendly adventures.

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