ALEX Toys Alex DIY Do Dats Review_3

Review: ALEX DIY Do Dats

Overall, these make for a fun craft that turns into a toy. For my kids specifically, I think this toy is a little too old for them. The box says ages 6+. So it’s too old for Wyatt (age 2) for sure, but Clara (age 4) was borderline able to assemble it with my help, which caused a lot of frustration for her because she wants to be able to do it herself.On the other hand, she really liked that the dolls were sparkly, pretty and that one of them involved her one true love – cupcakes. So for the price, it’s worth trying one out to see if your 4/5/6 year old can manage it.

Backyard Playhouse Makeover_1

Before and After Playhouse Makeover

Did I ever share with you the final product of my DIY backyard playhouse makeover? I’m not sure I did. But, you guys, this thing is the capstone of my #SAHM-ness thus far. You know, besides my smart and beautiful kids 😂.

Wooden Playhouse for kids

The Bane of my Existence Project

This used wooden playhouse was one of the first things I bought when I became a stay at home mom a year ago.

It was supposed to be my super cute Pinterest project to work on “when I had time”.  

Well, fast forward to today where I have a 1 and a 3 year old and literally almost NO time to get anything remotely “projecty” done.