Tagalong Handle Stroller Review

tagalong Handle Stroller 1When @tagalongkids contacted me to do a review on its innovative stroller handles, I knew we’d be fast friends. I’m always looking for better ways to wrangle my two kiddos while we are on the go! And these things are pretty genius.



Made in the USA, tag*a*long is a California-based company that strives to “keep little walkers by your side” by providing a special kiddo handle that loops onto strollers and shopping carts (and for us, our beach cart!) for kids ages 3+ (tho my 2 year old easily uses it and I just grab his wrist for extra reinforcement across streets). The genius behind it is kids legit enjoy holding on to the handle as we’re walking. It gives them a job. And I like them staying close to me.

We’ve already tested these out at the beach and at the (VERY BUSY) county fair. I’m excited to try it on a Target cart next!
🔹 My kids really stay put!
🔹 They come in solid colors.
🔹 The fasten to the stroller bars with a simple loop slip and not some complicated latch contraption that he kids can undo.
🔹 Even my hubs, who isn’t super into kid stuff, was like, “Hey! I like these blue things!” as he motioned to both kiddos grasping their awesome little handles during the hustle and bustle of the midway at our county fair. 😊

Overall, I say @taglalongs are a must and to totally get these. You never know when you’ll need them and they really have helped us a lot when there’s not enough hands to go around. And I just love simple but genius invention like this!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

You can find them for $12.99 each in our Amazon Influencer Shop (affiliate link).

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