My First Overnight Away From The Kids

Picture Frame - FurnitureYou guys!

This is me.
in a hotel room.
on a big fluffy bed.
all to myself.
sitting in silence.

And it’s the actual best.

I had my first night away from the kids — ever! 🎉

The overnight trip was for my T-1100 Target Reunion. My friends and I worked there from about 1999 to 2003. (Now you can see why I’m so Target obsessed).

Those years were some of my favorites 💕.

The Target was in Newbury Park, California. But for the reunion, we ended up staying in Downtown Ventura.

How old was your oldest on your first no-kid getaway? Where did you go?

Before this, I 100% had not spent one single night away from either of my kids since Clara was born. Minus the birth of her brother.

And she’s five. FIVE.

Sooo many of my friends have gone on girls’ weekends and I’ve always been so jelly!

Well…. this weekend I FINALLY got to go on one. I booked the nicest hotel I could afford with the comfiest bed. There was wine, some new gluten-free spiked drink my friend Jilaa recommended and, get this, I wore ACTUAL jeans and heels. Not just leggings! Living the dream.

Here are some throwbacks from the Target days. T-1100 forever.

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