LeMay-America’s Car Museum, Tacoma

This spring, the kids and I visited Lemay-America’s Car Museum in downtown Tacoma for the very first time – after it stood idling on our South Sound bucket list for nearly a year. After thoroughly exploring its 165,000 square feet of shiny chrome, vintage curves, and even an old-school slot-car track – I wondered what the heck took us so long to get there! 

Here’s a closer look at why we went for the cars – but stayed for the fun.

kid with soccer ball

Gig Harbor Youth Sports

Now that Clara and Wyatt’s prime childhood sport-team-ready age is actually here, and I Google “youth sports near me,” there’s not one easy place to find the options.

But fear not, sports newbies!

For I have created the below go-to list to help navigate the various public, nonprofit, and independent youth sports leagues in and around Gig Harbor so looking how to get your kid involved locally will never feel like a chore again! (hopefully).